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Buddhist Statues from Nepal

To enter the door and be shown the way, you must be orally taught. The practice is uninterrupted and the technique (achieved) by self study....(although back in those days there was no internet, dvd players or printing press!)

Song of the 13 Postures — author unknown


  • Relax, Deep Mind by Patrick Kelly
  • Spiritual Reality by Patrick Kelly
  • Infinite Dao by Patrick Kelly
  • Open Palm Handbook — Inspirations & 10 Important Points by Yang Cheng
    with commentary by Luke Shepherd

    A 52 page spiral bound book offering insights and thorough resource material for all studying with Open Palm.
    OPT members £10 (non—members £12)
    P & P £2.50
  • currently out of print


  • Open Palm Taiji Short Form DVD
    Intro, Loosening Exercises of Master Huang Xiangxian, Short Form, Outro. With special psychodellic background and ambient music. Running time 27 mins
    OPT members £15 (non—members £17)
    P & P £1
  • Open Palm Taiji Long Form DVD
    Long Form plus Quick Fist of Master Huang Xiangxian performed by Luke Shepherd. No psychodellic background nor ambient music! Running time 36 mins
    OPT members £15 (non—members £17)
    P & P £1



  • Black High Quality Taiji Design


    T- Shirt detail. Image is at side of shirt and wraps front and back
    £10. Black only. Please state your size when ordering.
    P & P £2.00


To purchase any item please ring or email stating requirements 01364- 652012.
T-Shirts have to be ordered from Jean and Dave in Carlisle.

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