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4 Workshops with Luke Shepherd

Training with Luke Shepherd - Focusing on internal changes

"As always, I found it invaluable. Great to practice with such a good teacher as Luke and also with a friendly bunch of people. I feel like it has become a second tai chi home for me".

Helen Haywood - Taiji Instructor


1: 14th -16th Feb 2014, Devon

2: 4th -6th July 2014, Devon

3: 13th -20th June 2014, Tai Chi Caledonia, Sterling, Scotland

3: 31st Oct - 2nd Nov 2014, Devon

Caledonia Info

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Weekend Info


Friday  7-9pm

Sat 10am — 5pm

Sun 10am — 4pm


Devon venues to be confirmed

Cost per weekend

Open Palm Taiji Member - Full Weekend inc Friday eve £85 / Friday eve £12.75 / Sat or Sun £38.25 per day / 2 Days £76.50

Non-Open Palm Taiji Member - Full Weekend inc Friday eve £100 / Friday eve £15 / Sat or Sun £45 per day / 2 Days £90


Being stable and relaxed are prerequisites for Taiji and give far reaching benefits for our daily life.

The training methods to refine stability demand a lucid understanding of subtle changes inside the body and mind

and not simply the movements or postures.

The prime focus of the training over the weekend will be on understanding subtle muscle changes instigated by “yi” or deep mind intention.

As these are inner aspects given by the Taiji Classics, rather than outer forms, the workshop is open to all Taiji styles.

Luke has been training Taiji for 30 years and is a student of Patrick Kelly. In line with the teachings of his teacher, he offers a far reaching insight into the inner workings, creating an inspiring yet challenging opportunity to refine your training.

This workshop is open to anyone who has completed the short form (1 — 2 tears training) wishing to take their practice to a deeper level.

Practical guidance in deepening your Tai Chi training. Master Huang Shen Shyan thought the most important aspect of refining taiji is to have a thorough training model. Bringing over 32 years experience of training and an enthusiasm of his practice, Luke shares an approach that will both challenge and inspire... directing the way towards futher refinement of your art. "Taiji gives a clear model for lightening our load... a practical method for being centered in our being. Finding a strength that only arises from softness gives a clear methodology for training." Luke will be instructing on behalf of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain at Tai Chi Caledonia 13th -20th June 2014.

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Email me for details or to enquire about suitability for your level of training.

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